Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Success can never be created nor be destroyed

Success : team of 4 letters, which finally makes their count to 7.

When it comes to success we are pretty much bonded by assumptions that success can be defined by someone's status, family background, bank balance, so on and so forth.

But is it really so? Answer is No & we all know that.

Firstly no other person in this universe could ever reveal success matrix of any other individual. I would like to share an example here so as to help you guys understand my point better. Imagine a patient who is lying on hospital bed & is even not able to talk or walk. Doctors have lost their faith on his health recovery. If that same person starts walking/running someday then he/she would be called successful. Yes. So success result is all up-to every individual, not as per society no as per its assumptions.

Every individual has the right to decide that is he/she a successful human being or not. Now question arises how will someone determine whether he/she is successful or not. Here is a point that every individual needs to keep in mind before judging himself: what you have, what you want & what you had. When you know these three different answers then you can easily simplify about equation of your own success.

Some people even consider it as final destination of their lives where as in reality its a journey through which we pass. There will be days when you ll be successful & there will be days when you will be feeling low as well. So its a never ending story, its always a journey of experiences.

Some days you win, some days you loose.

So i would suggest every individual never to give up, keep promoting his/her own capabilities and never doubt yourself. 

You are your own teacher, you are your own student.

You can decide about your success result, you can decide about your success goals.

Success is only a form of energy so try to keep changing it forms and help other people also to be successful in their lives as well.

Keep smiling and keep working towards your goals. :)

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