Saturday, 14 May 2016

5 points if your weeks begin with weekends!

1. "All weekdays appear to be pathetic painting, through which you just survive to reach your weekends."

2. "Each weekend seems to vanish within hours because you are so much into it that these 48 hours are even less for you."

3. "Your each and every work is kept pending to be done on these days only."

4. "You don't define your KRA's in office but you are very specific for 5 days working because weekends really matter to you :)"

5. "When you look back in your life you only remember weekends, no weekdays in memories also." 

Sunday, 8 May 2016

SHAREit if you CAREit

#SHARE it to #CARE it.

What we say when an idea strikes our minds, we need budget, team, investment, referrals and many more reason so to say..

How about this app : #SHAREit

A simple idea behind most available technologies with every common man who needs it. Pretty much appreciated app with some flaws till yet but yes they can be improved with upgrades coming in upcoming models.

A simple app helping millions in world and that too #free of cost. #FreeDownload

Its demand can be seen by its availability across different platforms.,d.c2E

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Rising Population : Pollution an alert

Most of us certainly believe that what's free and unlimited,  let's use it upto maximum limits.
Be it Internet plans, calls, food, vehicles or population. 
Whenever we enjoy outputs without proper measures these things generally happen.
So it's always better to be in limits.
Hope we can do that for a prosperous future.
#Day3 #Population #Pollution #Blog #UnofficiallyOfficial #AchyutShukla

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Google Twitter Facebook : Lifelines

In our childhood days we used to say "#Brahma #Vishnu #Mahesh". Although current generation is in the transition phase but future is committed for a change to "#Google #Twitter #Facebook".Internet was brought into existence to connect people across the world, but unfortunately it has resulted into disconnection plan.When a guy in Houston is not even aware of whats going on Austin, but he is surely aware about whats going on in Hollywood. So that's the kind of world we are going to create for future generations.
So better stay connected. Offline/Online it's your choice, but purpose should be fulfilled.
#UnofficiallyOfficial #AchyutShukla #Blog #Day2

Monday, 2 May 2016

It's not so easy.. but yet it's not so difficult also

So here I come to my first blog post. 
Stating a quote by me for life.
I have been thinking of connecting with thoughts and articles of many life you but unfortunately yeh "zindagi" (Life) was running very fast.
But sooner I decided to keep a post a day so to keep my thoughts blogged away :)
#UnofficiallyOfficial #AchyutShukla #Blog #Day1

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