Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Success can never be created nor be destroyed

Success : team of 4 letters, which finally makes their count to 7.

When it comes to success we are pretty much bonded by assumptions that success can be defined by someone's status, family background, bank balance, so on and so forth.

But is it really so? Answer is No & we all know that.

Firstly no other person in this universe could ever reveal success matrix of any other individual. I would like to share an example here so as to help you guys understand my point better. Imagine a patient who is lying on hospital bed & is even not able to talk or walk. Doctors have lost their faith on his health recovery. If that same person starts walking/running someday then he/she would be called successful. Yes. So success result is all up-to every individual, not as per society no as per its assumptions.

Every individual has the right to decide that is he/she a successful human being or not. Now question arises how will someone determine whether he/she is successful or not. Here is a point that every individual needs to keep in mind before judging himself: what you have, what you want & what you had. When you know these three different answers then you can easily simplify about equation of your own success.

Some people even consider it as final destination of their lives where as in reality its a journey through which we pass. There will be days when you ll be successful & there will be days when you will be feeling low as well. So its a never ending story, its always a journey of experiences.

Some days you win, some days you loose.

So i would suggest every individual never to give up, keep promoting his/her own capabilities and never doubt yourself. 

You are your own teacher, you are your own student.

You can decide about your success result, you can decide about your success goals.

Success is only a form of energy so try to keep changing it forms and help other people also to be successful in their lives as well.

Keep smiling and keep working towards your goals. :)

Sunday, 21 August 2016

"Happy Mondays, really?"

Lets find answers to every such question that comes to your mind about "Monday".

1. Things which ended on Friday are now again back with this "Monday"

Its just that we assume that things we were running away from really ended last week specially your 8 hours "jobs" and "offices".
It just reminds you to comeback with more strength and do things in a better way.

2. Its more of your minds "interpretation" that Mondays are bad.
If you interpret things then even an evil could seem like an angel & any beauty could also appear like a monster.
So lets not interpret a negative image.

3. You feel like you were called back midway from vacations.
Although your weekend babes might have made you feel so that that you were on vacations, but you are mistaken here again. There was no such commitment made by either "Saturday" or "Monday".
You just had "Sunday" so that you can make you "Monday" better then what you used to be on "Friday"

So let's treat this day as an booster towards to your "goals", with a smile on your face because "smile" is a secret weapon to turn things your way.

Saturday, 20 August 2016


                         #LiFE iS #BEAUTiFUL                   

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For some above said words must be much, but for some this might be very low.

But this is what i am & this what i learn from so called word "LIFE".

It is not always what you want, what you love, or what you dream of.

Life is always beautiful and it just asks you to look @ it that way.

Perfect word that strikes my mind is "DIVERGENT", which used to define me previously & i really enjoyed being it. i seriously mean it.

But since now i have attained a different stage of my life, where i can see things more clearly & think about life in a better way than ever i could have.

I always had time for whatever i wanted to without knowing what to do, and now lately when i have known what i want  from LIFE, i don't have time for other stuffs. By saying so i don't mean that i am unavailable or i ignore things. I never appreciate doing that, and i m thankful to GOD that he gave me balanced LiFE, BoDY & MiND which helps me in managing my time for each and everything in my life.

I am HAPPY! by knowing what i want & what i need to do.

Now when i have known answers to this biggest questions, which are part of everyone's LIFE, I find it interesting and influencing how to manage things in life.

I believe its not me, its my soul, my inner self or u can call it GOD who has been managing it perfectly the way everyone would dream to.

I love writing, reading, photography, travelling & most of it spreading smiles :)

So far i have been managing it well & will keep it to my best level whenever it was required.

I believe everyone should understand and learn that LIFE is beautiful, either u come to know this through your experiences or through my post :P kidding but yes LIFE is beautiful once you know specially after knowing, "what you LOVE".

Saturday, 14 May 2016

5 points if your weeks begin with weekends!

1. "All weekdays appear to be pathetic painting, through which you just survive to reach your weekends."

2. "Each weekend seems to vanish within hours because you are so much into it that these 48 hours are even less for you."

3. "Your each and every work is kept pending to be done on these days only."

4. "You don't define your KRA's in office but you are very specific for 5 days working because weekends really matter to you :)"

5. "When you look back in your life you only remember weekends, no weekdays in memories also." 

Sunday, 8 May 2016

SHAREit if you CAREit

#SHARE it to #CARE it.

What we say when an idea strikes our minds, we need budget, team, investment, referrals and many more reason so to say..

How about this app : #SHAREit

A simple idea behind most available technologies with every common man who needs it. Pretty much appreciated app with some flaws till yet but yes they can be improved with upgrades coming in upcoming models.

A simple app helping millions in world and that too #free of cost. #FreeDownload

Its demand can be seen by its availability across different platforms.


Thursday, 5 May 2016

Rising Population : Pollution an alert

Most of us certainly believe that what's free and unlimited,  let's use it upto maximum limits.
Be it Internet plans, calls, food, vehicles or population. 
Whenever we enjoy outputs without proper measures these things generally happen.
So it's always better to be in limits.
Hope we can do that for a prosperous future.
#Day3 #Population #Pollution #Blog #UnofficiallyOfficial #AchyutShukla

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Google Twitter Facebook : Lifelines

In our childhood days we used to say "#Brahma #Vishnu #Mahesh". Although current generation is in the transition phase but future is committed for a change to "#Google #Twitter #Facebook".Internet was brought into existence to connect people across the world, but unfortunately it has resulted into disconnection plan.When a guy in Houston is not even aware of whats going on Austin, but he is surely aware about whats going on in Hollywood. So that's the kind of world we are going to create for future generations.
So better stay connected. Offline/Online it's your choice, but purpose should be fulfilled.
#UnofficiallyOfficial #AchyutShukla #Blog #Day2

Monday, 2 May 2016

It's not so easy.. but yet it's not so difficult also

So here I come to my first blog post. 
Stating a quote by me for life.
I have been thinking of connecting with thoughts and articles of many life you but unfortunately yeh "zindagi" (Life) was running very fast.
But sooner I decided to keep a post a day so to keep my thoughts blogged away :)
#UnofficiallyOfficial #AchyutShukla #Blog #Day1

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